Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coconuts Anyone?

Every day is another adventure with these puppies. Today they managed to crack open a coconut and eat out the pulpy flesh. I caught a picture of Nelly at the end of the coconut. It takes alot of work to get to the bottom of the shell!

Today we had a beautiful rainstorm. It felt so good after such a long, hot summer. Soon the grass and everything will be green again. We are looking forward to that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As I write this, my three baby girls are at the vet being neutered..is that the correct term for girl dogs? I am a very anxious mother....

The ride to the vet was very traumatic. Barfing and pooping from the bouncy car ride. And now no food for 24 hours. Hopefully all will go well.

This weekend a group is sponsoring a booth at the local fair to raise money for rescued dogs. They asked if I would like to make a donation for their raffle. So I sewed up this cute suede totebag. I like it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sergio got to do some real fishing the other day,and oh boy what a catch. He loves to fish but is usually happy to just get the line in the water. The other day he and 2 neighbors drove down to the coast and fished in a manly river.

Today is Easter Sunday and several people are coming over for a fish dinner. We wrapped the fish in banana leaves with butter, garlic, and herbs. The wrapped again in aluminum foil. Twenty minutes on the grill and they will be delicious.

I recently met a female artist from Canada who resides in Costa Rica half of the year. Her specialty is sculpture but she has recently been excited about textile arts. She has done some great pieces. She is a "free thinker" and just loves to mix fabrics with the unexpected. Last week we got together and tried some fabric dying. We dyed fabric with rusty nails, wires and old horseshoes. We printed with rubber stamps and fabric dyes. We just had a great time. She is helping me get "out of the box". My designs are always to rigid and symmetrical. It is great to have a new friend with similar interest...and the "all English" is great too!

Happy Easter to all of you.