Friday, November 18, 2011


Stopped work on my "Helping Hands Quilt" to do a few paying jobs. This is a baby quilt and matching bag that was ordered from a friend. These baby quilts and carrying bags have been a good seller for me. The monkey idea is new! I have two more in progress, one pink for a girl and one gender-nuetral, multicolored quilt. Next I am on to sew curtains and chair cushions. Busy. Busy.

Photos taken with camera phone. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Helping Hands More Definition..But Still A Ways to Go

More quilting done to cat.

Dog's face has added batting

Started to quilt a background design that has a scissors, thimble, thread and pincushion. Not sure how much I like this but there is so much blank space that needs to be filled. The darker background lines represent thread circling around each image. I hope that in the end I like this. With each step you get more concerned about screwing something up.

I have yet to quilt the hands, face and blouse. I want to proceed cautiously.

This week was the International Quilt Festival in Houston. So I continue to be inspired by fellow quilters. Perhaps one day!....