Wednesday, February 15, 2012


NELLY's formal name is Melissa, but we call her "NELLY" short, for the nickname NOSEY NELLIE. I actually started to write and illustrate a children's book after this character. Nelly is a very special dog. She has had chronic urinary problems since birth and so she requires extra attention and care, but Mom loves her all the same. She looks most like a german shepard, with longer hair. Nelly is kind of tucked back in the original photo but I tried to pull her out in my illustration.

Well the first draft of all 5 dogs is done. Tons of work to do, but I can say that I think I am getting better at this.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Some friends have asked me where I got the idea for this quilt. It is actually a photo taken about 3 years ago. Peanut was not then a member of the family but I have added her to the picture. Well, one more PEEP to go....NELLY.

PEEP #4 PEANUT youngest, PEANUT. I rescued her over a year ago, flea covered and dehydrated. A neighbor had abandoned her to die along with 3 other siblings. Unfortunately I could only save Peanut. Peanut is all street dog. She rules the neighborhood and can out run all four of the other dogs. She is the ALPHA female. I would say she is part minature pincher..and yes her tongue is that long and skinny.


This is SNOOPY, first born, first son, and most loved...OK I am guilty of having a favorite...but I do love all my kids...Snoopy is a smaller dog, has short leg, runs like a rhinoceros, and pulls both ears back like "Rocketeer" when he flys through the yard. He loves to have his belly scratched and he is totally bilingual. You can see as I work on this I am keeping them rather sketchy in my excitement to get them all done. I will be adding alot more details as well as pulling them together into a group photo. For those of you that followed me for the first "MAKING FACES" Quilt, you know what I mean. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 10, 2012


MATTY or Matilda if you want to be formal, is the largest and most lovable (not to be confused with most loved) dog in the family. She has a big head and walks a little like Eyor...(from Winnie the Pooh)...head down and swinging left to right...with a slight bounce to the ears like Dumbo...She has very short hair and is lighter in color than the rest...and YES her tongue is that BIG. Just ask Snoopy. Matty is always trying to lick and kiss Snoopy..and she likes to get a drink of water first so that her kisses are really wet and sloppy. Hope you are enjoying the sneek previews of work in progress. Who shall I start next...perhaps Snoopy for a change in colors?


SASHA is most noted for her constant fact we sometimes call her "V" after the movie V for know the one with the man with the scary face mask always smiling...not to be confused with my other favorite V-dog, Veronica, who lived in Orlando, Florida. This is just the first layer with fabric. There is much more to do with each piece...for example, stitching so it looks like dog hair....oh wish me luck, I hate to get this far and muck it up. The missing area is where the side of the cart goes...must get back to work!


Not quite finished but close enough for publication...I am pleased!


This is a sketch for my next big quilt project. This was taken from a photo of me and my 4 dogs....Peanut was not a part of our family at that time, but I have conveniently added her into the picture. I have started with SASHA, first dog on the left. I need to work on my face,,I should hope that I am a little more attractive than this sketch. Stay tuned for pictures of my progress. I also finished Sophia but need to take a photo before I can post.

Road to California HONORABLE MENTION

This quilt, submitted by HOLLY DOMINIE, won Honorable Mention at the Road to California Quilt Show Jan 2012. The quilt measures 28" x38". This is the style of work that I am currently pursuing and I love her choice of unconventional fabrics. Oh someday, I am dreaming of my name up in let's get back to quilting!