Thursday, January 26, 2012


Serg has been busy with a few household projects. He built a small fence for my plants..a cabinet under my sink...a light box for my studio...a shelf for my table..., and he is putting stones around the house and driveway. YEAH, HAPPY, HAPPY. It is going to be a good 2012. THANKS DEAR!!

In Progress - Sofia with Boogie Board

This is 4 year old Sofia playing in with a boogie board in a blow up pool...You remember Sofia from the doll house photos!

It measures about 20" x 25"

Once again, using cell phone camera...took photo at an angle so arm is not really as fat as it appears in the photo..but what a good idea to use pictures as you get to see things that you might not otherwise notice.

Working on technique. Used a flat batting on this project. Did not like. You lose the puffiness when you do the quilting. Still struggling a little with adhesive materials...little pieces fall off as you bend the project...I think the problem is all the humidity here.

Will send a photo when finished. Thanks for staying tuned.