Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Newest Project - Puda Vida Pet Beds

Puda Vida Pet Beds

As a new “pet” mother I want nothing but the best for my “extended” family. As such I have designed these pet beds to be comfortable, practical and stylish. I even offer the option of adding an artistically hand-crafted, breed specific, applique design. Just too cute for words!

These pet beds are made of a washable microsuede covering over a removeable foam stuffed pillow.

“So comfortable and stylish you will want one for yourself”

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  1. Very very cute, my newest fabric line is dogs and cats! They would also make cute beds. I wanted to ask you how you are adjusting to life in Costa Rica, we might have an opportunity to work there for a few years and wondered how hard it was to make the move? I appreciate your input and thoughts.