Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I recently finished a quilt (80” x 88”) started over 55 years ago by the grandmother of my friend Pene. The center design of this Scrap Quilt was pieced by Ludie Aldridge, of Brownwood, Texas). Ludie used the paper-pieced method, as evidenced by pieces of newsprint still attached to the seams. It is called a scrap quilt because leftover fabrics were used, most likely from actual garments. The unfinished quilt top was passed to her granddaughter Pene Carole Turner Awodey and in 2012 I was commissioned to complete the quilt.

I added the black border and the 2” squares around the outside in fabrics closer in design to the original fabrics. The quilt top was not a true rectangle so I had to be creative to get the quilt to line up and lie flat. I quilted around the centers of each piece every ¼”. I calculated over 4,000 “stop, foot up, turn quilt, foot down, smooth and sew”, all the while hoping that you did not get a wrinkle in the fabric on the underside. I free-motion quilted leaves in the black frame.

Well, like all projects, it was a learning experience. I know what I would do differently next time….more free motion (less turning) but need to practice first!!

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