Friday, December 14, 2012



2013 International Quilt Competition

Last week when I saw my little neighbor go off in the morning to pick coffee in her purple rubber boots, I thought to myself, how strange that children and families still go off every December to pick coffee by hand.  Despite the prevalence of cell phones, computers and cell towers, some things are as they have been for years.

So when I heard that the THEME for the International Quilt Competition was TRADITIONS, my neighbor came to mind.    Over the last week, I have been playing with ideas and today I sat down and did a first sketch.

My idea was to do the older version of coffee picking like a sepia photo..perhaps die the fabrics in tea (or coffee)..and the current version in bright colors.

This is just a flat sketch and I would try to add more design to the characters to make them appear 3 dimensional…you know, shadows, facial features, etc.

Now I would really like some feedback.  I fear that all the color on the right will make it feel too heavy ..The 2 men are throwing the coffee beans in the air.

Do you like the composition?
Does the sketch look balanced in design?
Where does your eye tend to focus?
Does anything look proportionally, just wrong.
Do you have any ideas to add?


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