Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sofia's Dollhouse

Not a great picture of me...but I have been too busy building this dollhouse in time for Christmas. The dollhouse is a gift for a 3 year old friend of ours, Sofia. It came out so great that I am almost more excited than little Sofia.

The kitchen has a stove, a sink and a refridgerator (an old speaker painted white). The living room has sofas and pillows, a coffeetable, a lamp, a bookcase and a TV. The dining room has a table and 4 chairs. The bedroom is complete with mattress, blankets and pillows. I also love the curtains that she can rearrange, and there is a photo of Sofia on the wall, which you can not see in this picture. My husband and I had a great time building this.

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  1. Hi Sofia, thank you for visiting my blog, I have been very bad about posting since I have been caring for both my mom and daugher now. I hope you will keep checking in. I love your dollhouse, how sweet is that. Great job! So did you retire to Costa Rica or are you from there?