Friday, January 2, 2009

Handbags For Sale!

As many of you know I have been making handbags/totebags to keep me busy (a break from my quilting projects.) Serg and I thought that we would try to sell them at the local Farmer's Market.

Unfortunately Costa Rica does not have Craft Shows like in the USA. This is me setting up shop. Serg built me this great rack that takes up very little space and I can set up and breakdown easily.

I have only sold a few bags through this venue, but Serg LOVES spending the day talking to people. That is worth the price of admission.

We pack a lunch and spend the day. I am just trying to earn enough to support my fabric buying addiction!! WILL WORK FOR FABRIC.


  1. (I just figured out I can contact you here after all.) I love your display - who designed the sign? - it's adorable. I wish I was there to help you out. (Does Snoopy go with you too?) BFN (Bye for Now) - Char

  2. Cute bags, I hope they take off for you both.