Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dog Emergency

All was quiet this morning. Breakfast consisted of the usual Purina variety for the young, growing canines, and eggs and toast for the middle aged homosapiens.

I stuck my head out the door for the routine head count and noticed that I was short one dog. I whistled and called for Sasha who I recognized was missing. In seconds she scampered around the corner towards me. At first I thought it was Mattie and that I was mistaken as to who was missing. But the cinnamon color of her fur indicated that I was correct on my first assumption. I looked closer, her eyes were swollen almost to the point of closing and her previously slender nose was now enlarged to the point of boxer like.

I immediately yelled to Sergio, “We have a dog problem…we have to get to the vet!” My concern was that she was having some kind of reaction, like a bee sting, and we needed to get her to the vet before she went into anaphylactic shock.

With Sasha in my arms, we corralled the other dogs into the kennel, locked the house and took off down the road to town. As you know, we have about 4 miles of dirt road. So the ride only compounded the problem. Now I had vomiting in addition to swelling.

Dr. Diana came to our immediate assistance. Sasha received an injection and we waited. One hour later the swelling was down somewhat. The speculation is that she was bit about the face and eyes by ants.

As I write this Sasha is back to her normal self and all four dogs are playing tug of war.

A happy ending to a long day.

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