Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First - Sorry the picture is sideways. Can't figure out how to flip it.

With the addition of the third puppy we built a larger kennel. The kennel is about 2.5’ x 4.5’ and 36” high with screens on the front, back, and top. The front screen is a locking door for easy access. The two sides walls have paneling with a 3.75” opening for additional ventilation.

About 5.30 AM today I heard the dogs scratching in their kennel. The local roosters tend to wake them up early. Our normal routine is to get up around 6.00 AM, let them loose, and feed them. But this morning, something did not sound quite right. I could hear a food bowl being kicked around the patio.

I came downstairs to find Nellie outside the kennel!! Obviously she had managed to escape, and the only possibility was through the side window. She must have stood on one of her sisters in order to scoot up and out.

Looks like I need to add screens to the windows!

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