Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My girls are growing up so fast. They each have their own personalities.

on the left is the largest in all her features. Her ears flop like an elephants when she runs, and then they get stuck inside out. I am thinking of having her ears pierced so that I could add some decorative weights. ((kidding!). Her face is square with a prominent jaw line, and her feet….oh my god, I am so glad that I do not have to buy shoes. Mattie’s personality is quiet and observant. She cocks her head left to right when you talk to her.

Nellie is in the middle. She is the lover of the group. She will put her paws on your lap, get nose to nose, and look you straight in the eye when you talk to her. She likes to cuddle and except for ruff-housing with her sisters she has a likeable personality.

Last, but not least, is Sasha on the right. She is the “diabla” of the group. She can’t sit still, doesn’t like to be picked up, refuses to come when called and instigates most of the trouble. She insists on bathing in their water bowl and continually makes a mess on the patio. But we love her as the others.

has become much more accepting of the girls, but as they grow he starts to look older, shorter and chunkier. He is a big help to me when we all go for a walk. He knows the way and follows my commands. Snoopy plays the alpha dog and leads the pack.

Who knew that one day I would lay claim to be the caretaker to dogs, chickens, roosters, goats, and cows!! You never know where this life will lead you.

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